The Simplest Way to Scan Your Photos

With Past to Last, our goal is to make scanning your photos as easy as ordering a new book. We want to offer a painless process for protecting your memories and sharing them with as many people as you want to. Once you decide to digitize those pictures, we'll do the hard part.

How It Works

To make the process as easy as possible, we offer flat rate boxes (with free shipping) and will scan every print photo and photo slide you can fit in your box.
No need to count your pictures or make complicated calculations.

Four Simple Steps

1) YOU: Order a Box

The first step is to start your order. Determine what size box is needed to fit all of your pictures and place your order here.

Sizing guides can be found on the product page when you start your order.

2) WE: Ship Your Box

Once your order is received, we will ship you a box ready to fill. Included in your box will be a packing instructions and a prepaid UPS label to ship your box to us.

3) YOU: Fill Your Box

Once your box arrives: you assemble the box, fill it with your memories, and send it back. Just attach the label, tape it shut, and give it to UPS.

4) WE: Scan Your Photos

We'll scan all the pictures in your box with our high quality scanner. Then we send the box and all the original photos back to you. At the same time, we send you your new digital scans in whichever medium you chose.

Customer Reviews

Worth it! I had 50 years worth of old photos laying around with only me able to look at them. Now that they're digitized I can send them to others it is so worth the money. Everything was done quickly and the scans look great. I'm so happy with this service!


Great job! I have had a large box scanned and returned to me. The service was very fast and they did the little extras for the standard price that are very important like 600 dpi, editing dull photos and copying the backs of photos for any notes. I am very happy and plan on having them do more of my photos!

Lorelle Friden

Why Should You Digitize?

My Grandpa and I

Born from Experience

Our family was looking for a way to easily scan our pictures to share them with current and future generations. It quickly became apparent that all of the existing services were either very expensive, super complicated, or both. And that's where Past to Last was born.

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